This gallery contains a mix of baseline color, cool toned and sepia filtered images.
My client D. wanted to capture the moment he proposed to his longtime girlfriend L. in a candid manner so he contacted me asking if Id be willing to go undercover to accomplish this. Having a ton of experience at this type of shoot I immediately agreed. The plan was that he would be at a certain location at a certain time on the campus of NC State in Raleigh NC with his girlfriend to exchange 9 year anniversary gifts. I thought that it would be helpful if I brought my daughter along to pretend that I was there taking pictures of her so that if L. noticed me in the area with a camera she would not suspect that I was there taking pictures of her. The plan worked perfectly and when the big moment arrived she said YES!!!! After the proposal was accepted D. told L. that I was there working for him, she was so happy ( and surprised!). We took a few portraits and parted ways with smiles all around.
I love this type of photography, it is amazing to see two peoples lives change forever right in front of my lens.
Congrats to D. & L.!
I have something for you...Will you....Marry me?

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