Professionally designed heirloom wedding album pricing and ordering information

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As a photographer, I can honestly say that there is nothing that I love more than photo albums. These are not just albums that you and your loved ones will look through several times; they hold pieces of your familial history. If you choose to invest in an album, then you are treasuring a moment of time captured by your photographer that tells a story about your life.

The magic starts once my client clicks the Make an Album button while logged onto their on their private gallery page. They may choose between different cover layouts and materials which will become the cover design of their album. By the way, the album design service itself costs only $50, which is a great deal if you think about it! 

Once the cover design and album type selection has been chosen by my clients and the order has been placed, the designer carefully reviews the photographs in my client's online gallery and chooses the ones that work best during the selection process. After the selection process is complete, the designer will send an email to my client for page layout approval. Don’t worry; these are not set in stone! My clients can check or uncheck any of the images at this stage and resubmit the images to the designer.

The designer then takes this approved selection and custom creates a design for my clients. In 3-5 business day's they will be able to review their design and purchase their album. 

There is an impeccable beauty to heirloom album work. The pages are printed on the finest quality paper, and the book itself is hand bound and crafted. Because of the handmade quality of the albums, the process takes a full 15 business days from start to finish. These albums are gorgeous, with luxuriously thick pages and a breathtaking Acrylic cover.  The high-gloss finish is not only stunning, but it is also completely impact or dent resistant. The leather is milled with such precision that there is almost no bump between the cover and the binding.

Every album is carefully packaged and delivered directly to my clients in a lovely box too!

This new service is a complete win-win for any client who does not have the time or the desire to design their own albums. A customized design process with a professional album designer and a beautifully handcrafted heirloom album delivered right to your door, all without you lifting a finger, start to finish amazing!