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4 reasons why you should consider getting married outside or on a private estate in NC

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In addition to the awesome photo opportunities, here are 4 reasons why getting married outside or on a private estate is pretty great!

1. Your tastes, your style, your way!

Holding your wedding outdoors or at a private estate means that you’ll have the opportunity to work with your favorite local vendors. You’ll be able to break away from those “traditional“ florist, bakeries, caterers, or on-site venue provided photographers and think outside the box to make your wedding day unique to your style and taste. Think food truck, mobile sushi bar, or on-site catering from your favorite Italian restaurant. Maybe those ‘to die for cupcakes are made at one bakery but you’ve got your heart set on a different person to make your wedding cake. That ok! When you hold your wedding outdoors you have the power to choose what services are the best for your day and aren’t held down to contracting these details to vendors you don’t know or care about.

2. Casual or luxury formal? 

Are you thinking about hosting a black tie event or something more laid-back? Outdoor and private estate wedding receptions can be casual, formal or that perfect mix of the two styles. You can dress it up with fine china and an 8-course meal or put out some picnic benches and have a traditional North Carolina barbecue. You could also have an extravagant ceremony and then tell your guests to take off those high heels and present them with a pair flip-flops that match your wedding colors and watch them kick back relax and dance the night away. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding what style suits you best as a couple.

3. The sky is the limit!

Sometimes when holding a wedding at a traditional venue means that your entertainment possibilities become somewhat limited. Being outside on private property can bring so much more to your wedding reception. Your dance floor would no longer be confined to the four walls of the building but can’t become impotent. Imagine how sweet it would be to take your first dance with fireflies meandering about twinkling around the crowd.

An outdoor or private estate wedding also allows you to include some fun activities for the kids and adults in attendance during your reception. Pony rides, wedding llamas (lol, yes this is a thing!) even bounce houses and laser tag services are available in many parts of the country that will bring the fun element into your wedding day in a memorable way.  

Luxury tents, horseshoes and a fire pit complete with chocolate bars and marshmallows can add a touch of laid-back awesomeness to the atmosphere of your outdoor wedding reception.  ‘Glamping in style is a surefire way to bring your guests together for socializing while enjoying themselves in a gorgeous outdoor location.

4. When it’s all said and done, it’s all about what’s most important to you…

Bottom line, If you’ve spent some time dreaming up ideas to make your wedding day uniquely you, your outdoor wedding can make those dreams a reality. Is an opportunity for you to be as creative as possible by incorporating personal elements that add to the romance of your wedding.  

At the end of the day, whatever your dream wedding vision is, watching the sun go down in the stars come out or watching fireworks in the sky while sitting with your friends and family around campfire, your choice of holding your wedding outdoors is the first step in creating a magical day that will be uniquely yours to treasure for years to come. 


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