Silvercord Event Photography Raleigh N.C. | STEP 1. YOUR WEDDING DAY

Defining moments are notes that mark the score of your life symphony. Your wedding day opus is filled with them. The etching of these defining moments requires the time to appreciate. They require a reference mark. They need room to swell, to harmonize, to imprint.

Because if you don’t, like the sweetest roses, they will fade over time and the scent will be forgotten.

Photography is a time machine. Kind of like hearing a melody from your high school days, and how those familiar notes may bring you back to that day so long ago. The treble, bass, and tone remind's you of all the awesome people that were in your life and places you were at the time.

A photograph holds that same enchantment.

A skylight into your past, a photograph can bring it all back. Like picking out the familiar constellations found in a sea of stars, your heart connects the colors and the tones to the feelings that you had when the image was captured.

Yes, I know that you need a wedding photographer. That's why you are here reading this. But you want more than just pictures. You don’t just want only to remember the decor, the exact hue of your flowers or the items on your menu; you want to recall the joyful emotions that you had on the day your life journey took a new path. You want to remember the feeling. You want to encounter that intangible quality of being “in that moment again” and again. 

Your wedding is an occasion to celebrate, a personal story which deserves to be captured with a mark of distinction to be joyfully passed down and retold for generations to come.

Allow me to show you why I may be the just the person to help you with this.




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