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Hi, everyone!

It is great to get back to work. Yes, my trip to the Keys was pretty awesome but honestly everyday is a vacation here at Silvercord because I freak'n love what I do!


On that note, I don't have a new wedding to post today because I was out of town most of last week. That being said, I did photograph a wedding this past Saturday with my business partner LeAnne at the Durant Nature Preserve which I can't wait to deliver to my clients. I've pulled over 600 images for their final delivery and I'm super excited because these photos are just gorgeous!


If you all are interested, I expect that I'll have the photos posted from my stock (nature) photo assignment /working vacation in Key West up on this website in about 2 to 3 weeks. Haha, wait till you see the videos and photos huge alligator and the adorable little Key Deer that licked my hands while I was working. All in all, it's safe to say that my photographic journey through the Florida Keys did disappoint in the adventure department.


By the way, I'll be working at the incredible Duke Chapel this weekend to take pictures of a wedding vow renewal. The couple has been married for 40 years (how awesome is that!) and they have chosen to renew their vows in the exact spot where it all began. 

My client's original wedding photographer (back in the 1970's) wasn't able to get very many shots the first go around, so this time my clients are very happy about the idea of capturing the most amazing wedding day portraits of themselves and their families at this incomparably beautiful church. I am sooooooo excited to take pictures here and cannot wait for Saturday to arrive!

Lastly, thank you so much for reading my posts. When I started blogging I honestly didn't think anyone would read a word that I typed. Writing is something that is very challenging to me. Believe it or not, (haha) I prefer to tell stories through pictures and I worry that you guys might think I'm a driveling idiot with a dim grasp of the English language and a lame sense of humor each time I hit the publish button on these posts. 

After wrestling with that kind of thinking for a few years,  I realized that maybe that doesn't matter because at least I'm trying to share a bit of my world with all of you, perfect or not. 

I've found that since I've started sharing my pov here with you on this blog, I've started working with more and more like minded people in my life as a photographer. It's pretty cool actually to meet people in person who've got the same "go get 'em" work ethic mindset as I do. For what it is worth, I really enjoy working with couples who've got a great sense of humor ( Dad jokes are pretty rad ), nature nerds, history buffs, political geeks, those endowed with creative proclivities paired with an engineering degree and a type A personality. 

Haha! If you are none of those things that's awesome too because I love being around people who are totally different from me because I feel like there is much I still have to learn about my fellow North Carolinian's. In short, I love working with people. 

Hopefully, this kind of thing matters to my readers and clients, but who knows, maybe I'm all alone on this one haha!

That being said, I've received many messages of encouragement from you guys over the years that have kept me going on with this blog thing. I hope that you guys know that I really appreciate every kind thing you've had to say.

Thanks for everything, y'all are awesome! 


Till next week,



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