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A wedding cake is an iconic fixture to a wedding day here in the US...

 Every swirl of an iced rose or design painted on the smooth surface of fondant reflects the personal style of a master baker blended with the tastes of the wedding couple themselves. The artistry and talent that it takes to create one of these sweet masterpieces is awe inspiring when the final creation is displayed on the cake table. As a wedding photographer I relish the opportunity to try and capture the perfect photograph of these gorgeous creations of confections. The challenge of creating a beautiful image of a couples cake is one I enjoy partaking in at every wedding.

 Over the past few years cupcakes are quickly taking over as the baked good of choice on a engaged couples wish list. Cupcakes are wonderful option because you could have many different flavors and colors to please the palates of everyone in the crowd. From chocolate to key lime, to vanilla honey and rum spice what better way is there to enjoy the sweeter things in life then with a tray filled with cupcakes. 

The tradition of the sharing of the wedding cake (or cupcake!) between the newlywed couple is their official first act of cooperation as husband and wife. It is an exercise in mutual trust with a sweet reward. That being said, much like the rest of married life, sometimes we may end up with cake on our faces but it is all in good fun to those blessed with a light heart and a good sense of humor! 

Another important element of any wedding day is the selection of foods that appear on a reception menu. Here in North Carolina it is quite trendy to have a wedding reception catered with local barbecue fare. From pulled pork, to hush puppies and sweet tea it's hard not to take one or two trips to the buffet table.     If your getting married in downtown Raleigh there are a number of excellent restaurants and hotels here that deliver a superb fine dining experience to you and your guests. From Cafe Luna to the chefs at the Marriot Hotel one has delicious menu options to choose from here in The City of Oaks.

 I've also found that many of the country clubs and golf resorts here in the Triangle serve some of the finest cuisine in the region. The Prestonwood Golf Club in Cary is a real standout in the catering category with exceptionally delicious wedding food. If your willing to travel a little distance then I also recommend the Ironwood Cafe in Southern Pines as an excellent place to get married that offers an incredible fine dining experience for your wedding guests. 

 By now you must be wondering why I as a wedding photographer would be writing here on my blog about wedding food. Heres the thing, I love taking pictures of the food! Seriously, the colors and the textures are visually appealing and frankly I enjoy the challenge of hunting for and selecting just the right exposure for the photo of the cuisine cast in just the perfect light. More importantly though, my clients paid for that food and deserve to have that element of their wedding day photographed.  I think that its important for my clients to have photo documentation of their reception food because its the one element that disappears before ether eyes on the wedding day itself. Worse yet, after 10 years of marriage who really remembers what they ate on their wedding day?  Thats why I am here. I will take gorgeous photos of your wedding spread so that you always remember what you spent the money on haha!

In all seriousness though, while we are on the subject I would like to take the time to endorse a tradition that my husband and I follow every year on our own anniversary. Every evening on a certain date in late August my family eats the same dinner that my husband and I shared on our wedding day, Italian Wedding soup, lasagna and chicken Cordon Bleu. By sharing this lovely meal with our kids as a family we are celebrating our wedding anniversary in culinary form along with the ceremonial cake smash to the face ( cupcakes now because why not, haha!) delivered by my son to his Dad. Our tasty tradition is one that brings back just as many precious memories as my own wedding photos do whenever I crack open my photo album. I think that is a pretty wonderful thing after nearly 15 years of wedded bliss to be brought back to my wedding day with just the scent of lasagna wafting in the air and I want all of my clients to have the opportunity to do the same with their families too. Wether in the here and now or long into the future the benefits of taking pictures of the food is for my clients well worth its weight in truffles.

Check out these photos below of some tasty wedding day treats that I have photographed over the past few years for my clients... Bon appétit!


If you have any additional questions concerning this post or want to learn more about my flat rate engagement and wedding photography service please contact me anytime!

-S. Siko

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