Things that I take pictures of when I am not being a wedding photographer

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In the midst of a busy week here at Silvercord I thought that maybe you might want to see some of the photos that I take when I'm not photographing a wedding day...


I am first and foremost a nature buff. Throw a winding mountain path or an empty beach in front of me and I'm off exploring before you can blink. Growing up in northern Virginia I spent many weekends hiking in the Shennandoah National Park in V.A. and on the eastern shore of M.D. to escape the day to day suburban life. These experiences fostered a deep love of the world of nature and as I grew into being a photographer it was no surprise that I have gravitated to photographing all kinds of life found in the woods or shorelines.

Wildlife and botanical subjects are my favorite thing to try and capture when I am out on a trail. I enjoy the challenge of waiting for a moving subject to present itself in the best light and really appreciate the quiet stillness that comes when I am focusing intently on a potential photo opportunity to develop in my frame. Sometimes this is a matter of an animal turning a certain direction or perhaps it might be when the wind blows the leaves of a pretty tree just right so they reflect the sunlight in just the right way. These are the moments that I wait for, happily...


Being an artist at heart I am always looking for a creative outlet and I have found that being a photographer is the perfect way to blend fine art, people and nature in a seamless fashion. Over the past few years I have been working on a few side projects which are more abstract in general then the bulk of the photography work seen here featured on my website. I actually broke into the photography business by being a botanical art photographer first long before I ever covered a wedding.

My professional commercial botanical photography is licensed and published internationally with P.I. Creative Art. If your interested in filling the bland walls of your office hallway or hotel lobby with custom artwork feel free to purchase multiple and giant size prints of my work through my P.I. Creative Art page or better yet, if you'd like to do the same thing but save a lot money  ( for your company or yourself) then you can order these types of printed images directly from the galleries hosted here on this website at a substantial discount. Botanical Photography

 I love taking architectural/urban/city pictures too! I relish my time spent taking photographs in the concrete canyons of Washington, Raleigh, Pittsburgh and Denver. Whenever I am lucky enough to work or visit in a major metropolitan area I get excited because there are so many cool photos just waiting to happen. Everything from the way the sunlight bounces off of buildings at interesting angles to the colorful advertisements found while walking down the street catches my eye and thus the attention of my camera.  Denver ColoradoPlacesDowntown in the city of Denver Colorado.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone who has ever hung one of my prints on a wall or has hired me to photograph a wedding or event. I am profoundly grateful that I get wake up for every morning with this feeling in my heart, "I love my job!".

My days are spent joyfully only because I have been hired by the sweetest clients, have been to some pretty awesome locations and am challenged daily to become a better photographer then yesterday, everyday. Honestly what more could a person ask for in a career? 


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